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Russell Earle
26. Lover of most. Judge of all. Seldomly a fighter. Always an enigma. Music Enthusiast. Plaid. Boston inhabitant. Aspiring lesbian. Perpetual Dancer.

I can be seen wondering around Boston. If that is not the case than I have gone on an adventure to somewhere else...or watching bad made for Netflix movies in my apartment.You will find on this blog whatever speaks to me at that moment in time that I hit the re-blog button. I also have a tendency to post instagram photos and selfies in case you forget what I look like..or if I'm feeling really cute that day.

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Eureka! Eureka’s Castle! Oh childhood. #nickjr #eureka #eurekascastle #90s #childhood (Taken with Instagram at Life)

Eureka! Eureka’s Castle! Oh childhood. #nickjr #eureka #eurekascastle #90s #childhood (Taken with Instagram at Life)

Posted: Wed June 13th, 2012 at 1:25pm
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Tagged: eurekascastle 90s nickjr childhood eureka
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    OMG I had these from pizza hut
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